How Many Keywords Are On One Web Page?

Hand using laptop and press screen to search Browsing on the Internet online.

All website owners want their website to be on the first page for every search conducted on a search engine. Especially for search phrases that match their business.

But how to do this? If you have 100 targeted search phrases, how do you achieve the desired results?

Most people want to find a shortcut by doing what we know as ‘keyword stuffing’. You can see it if in one website enter all keywords (keywords) in the home page.

Those who do this, hope their website will be found when someone searches based on the keywords they have entered. Unfortunately, search engines like Google will not make your website appear on search results pages.

You need to understand some concepts in Search Engine Optimization to do this. We will discuss in a moment.


Website Vs Web page
What is the difference between a Website and a Webpage? A website is a collection of several webpages. In this case, 1 specific URL is known as 1 webpage.


example: – 1 webpage – 1 webpage – 1 webpage
1 website:


Keywords per Page
In SEO right now, you can only target 1-3 keywords per web page. If you want to enter 100 keywords in one webpage, in the end you will not get any results.

If you want to target 100 keywords for your website, you need at least 33-100 web pages in a website that is well optimized.


Search Engine Friendly Website
In addition to the above targeting, the website you want to optimize also needs to be made Search Engine Friendly. This can be consulted with your web developer or with an SEO consultant.

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Hand using laptop and press screen to search Browsing on the Internet online.

How Many Keywords Are On One Web Page?

All website owners want their website to be on the first page for every search conducted on a search engine. …

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