What is a Meta Keyword? This Is What You Need To Understand

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What are Meta Keywords?
Now, it’s time to explain what meta keywords are. Meta keywords are a form of meta tags in HTML on web pages. Meta keywords often describe the content of a website in a nutshell and put it in a search list on a Search Engine that refers to content that is built on the internet.

The use of this meta was first announced towards the end of the 1990s, the entire ranking was only pegged to the search engine listings. As we know it as a search list where people often search on Google.


What is the working system for Meta Keywords?
The work for Meta Keywords certainly does not escape procedures such as doing SEO. Namely, there is segmentation between indexing, information retrieval, and of course, ranking. Now, from these three aspects, what are the functions carried out by them?

  • Indexing
    Please note, the task of the Search Engine is to crawl and enter the content of each website data into the database of the Search Engine. From this indexing work, Meta Keywords will be indexed by Google and of course collected in search engines, but not currently used as a benchmark ranking.
  • Information Retrieval
    The next phase is information retrieval or information matching. Google generally often tracks some information in the body of websites. However, meta keywords only match it, whether in accordance with the contents of the content or not.
  • Rankings
    Now, all data in accordance with the will of the search engine is placed at the levels that apply in it. Again, the meta keywords here only carry out their function as matching whether the content is in accordance with websites or not, so there is no connection in increasing traffic in modern times. With ranking, meta keywords only indicate that the keywords are sought after up to the highest position on Google. All thanks to content that has quite a lot of semantics related to meta keywords exposed on websites.

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